Hi everyone, my name is Emily Meschke, and I'm a junior undergraduate student majoring in computational neuroscience. I just joined the Image Understanding Lab this Fall of 2015, and I am very excited to actively contribute to the research in object, face, and voice recognition.

Almost instantaneously, the brain's visual system can interpret our surroundings, distinguishing background noise from important social or behavioral cues. Even though humans no longer have to be able to identify predators hiding in the grass, social success is still very dependent on a person's ability to recognize familiar faces and objects. Hence with my time at the lab, I aim to further investigate both the astonishing speed and accuracy at which the brain receives and processes these visual stimuli and the factors or conditions that inhibit the brain's ability to recognize familiar people and objects.

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University of Southern California
Image Understanding Lab HNB 316
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Los Angeles, CA 90089-2520
Lab Phone: (213) 740-6102
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