Prospective Graduate Students:
We will be taking graduate students, through Psychology and/or Neuroscience, next year. (Students can apply to both.) Feel free to contact Irving Biederman about the possibilities for graduate study.

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The core mission of the Image Understanding Laboratory is to understand how we get mind from brain. We concentrate on how a scene, object, or face can be recognized in a fraction of a second, even when we have never encountered that image previously. Another line of research focuses on the neural basis of perceptual and cognitive pleasure, based on a gradient of opioid receptors in the same pathway by which image understanding is achieved.

We employ a variety of methodologies, such as neuroimaging, psychophysics, research with patients, cross-cultural investigations, and, in collaboration, single unit recording in primates and behavioral studies with pigeons. For our neuroimaging research, we are fortunate to have access to the Siemens 3T Trio scanner at the Dana and David Cognitive Neuroscience Imaging Center, just a few steps from the lab. In this facility we can do simultaneous fMRI and EEG recording.

Contact us:

University of Southern California,
Hedco Neurosciences Building, Rm. 316
3641 Watt Way
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2520

Laboratory Director: Professor Irving Biederman
(213) 740-6094 (Office and Fax)
(213) 740-6102 (Lab)
Since May, #2010