The matlab code for generating blobs can be downloaded here

Gabor-Jet Model
The matlab code for gabor-jet filtering can be downloaded here

Complementary Contour - and Parts-Deleted Stimuli
Complementary Contour- and Parts-Deleted Stimuli from Hayworth & Biederman's: "Neural evidence for intermediate representations in object recognition" Vision Research (2006) can be downloaded here

RSVP Movies

Irving Biederman's Shape Seminar Nov. 2011
JHU-APL Shape Seminar

Irving Biederman's Budapest CEU Lectures
Lec 1: Geon Theory
Lec 2: Face Recognition
Lec 3: Consciousness and Pleasure
Lec 4: Neural Basis of Object Recognition

Scene stimuli used for the Scene Preference Study
These scenes were selected from a commercial image CD (IMSI MasterClips and
MasterPhotos Premium Image Collection, San Rafael, California, USA).
[Download Scenes]

Video clips of baby's preference on geons

[Download Scenes]