Hi! Iím Bryan Shilowich, a sixth year graduate student in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences program. I came here by way of New Jersey (youth) and Boston (BA from Tufts, MS from Brandeis). [donít forget to insert joke about the weather being better here in LA. make it funny!]
My primary research focus here in the IUL is understanding phonagnosia, the auditory homologue to the more famous prosopagnosia (aka face blindness). For most of you, hearing a voice youíre familiar with, unaided by contextual or visual clues (imagine getting a phone call with no caller ID), there is a distinct moment of ďA-ha! This voice belongs to this person!Ē For people with phonagnosia, this ability simply is not present. My research is investigating:

1) How prevalent is this condition?
2) What is occurring where in the brain in this process of recognition?
3) How are phonagnosia and prosopagnosia similar?


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