Hi; this is me. I graduated from the Image Understanding Laboratory in January of 2011, and I'm now doing postdoctoral research with Jack Gallant at UC Berkeley (check out the lab's web site or my personal web site for more on what I've been up to).

I'm interested in the way that our brains transform the patterns of light on our retinas into useful information about the world. Our visual cortex provides us with the identities of objects around us, as well as information about their shape and structure. I'm particularly interested in how the spatial relations between object parts or objects in a scene are encoded in the brain.

There is good evidence that we use the parts of our brain involved in the perception of objects to think about objects, too, so you could say that I study our thoughts on shape. Or the shape of our thoughts.


NOTE! See here for an updated CV!

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Conference Presentations

Lescroart, M.D. & Biederman, I. (2011). The medial axis structures of novel objects are spontaneously perceived despite variability in the objects' orientations and component part shapes. Talk given at the Meeting of the Vision Sciences Society, Naples, FL.

Lescroart, M.D. & Biederman, I. (2010). Voxels in LO distinguish objects with different arrangements of the same component parts. Talk given at the Society for Neuroscience meeting, San Diego, CA.

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Lescroart, M.D. & Biederman, I. (2010). LO-but not V1-preferentially encodes axis structure [Abstract] Presented at the Meeting of the Vision Sciences Society. (Download poster)

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Matlab Code

ML Demos (Various functions that illustrate how to use the PTB-3 Screen commands, how to record keyboard responses, etc.

All of Mark's Utility Functions (Updated 2009_11_12)

NOTE! To run some of these functions, you must have Psychtoolbox3, bvqxtools for Brain Voyager, and /or MATLAB's statistics and image processing toolboxes.

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