Hi, my name is Rose Meltzer and I am a sophomore pre-med student majoring in Psychology. I joined the Image Understanding Lab in Fall of 2018, and I hope to learn more about the visual strategies that the brain uses to interpret the world in my time here. In particular, I am interested in how the brain's heuristics for processing visual data shape the ways we think and socialize. For example, the way that people comprehend faces is more complex and accurate than the way we interpret objects; we can easily distinguish between fraternal twins, whose faces are similar, but have difficulty telling the difference between amorphous blobs. This aptitude for recognizing faces serves the social purpose of enabling us to know whom we are interacting with and to remember information about specific individuals over time. The difference in processing faces versus objects hints at the complexity of visual understanding, which is a puzzle that I am excited to explore in the Image Understanding Lab. As a research assistant, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to ask new questions about the mind and to add to the body of knowledge about visual processing in the future.

Contact Information

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