Hi, I'm Sarah Herald. I joined the Image Understanding Lab as an undergradaute research assisstant in August 2012, and graduated from USC in May 2015. I am currently a graduate student in Brad Duchaine's Social Perception Lab at Dartmouth College.

My research in the Image Understanding Laboratory focused on three main areas.

1. How does the brain recognize objects?

2. How does the brain process faces?

3. I have also been involved in studying developmental phonagnosia, the inability to identify or recognize familiar voices, such as family members or celebrities.

My current research in Brad Duchaine's lab focuses on two main areas.

  1. How does the brain integrate information across the left and right visual field, which are divided early on in visual cortex?
  2. What can we learn about face processing from acquired prosopagnosics, who have damage to regions of the brain that interrupt normal face processing?


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