Hi, everyone! I'm Tianyi Zhu . I'm a first year graduate student in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences program. I just graduated from UCLA with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Cognitive Science and joined the lab since this Fall of 2017. I originally come from Nanjing, China.

My major research interest is face and shape recognition. Objects in our environment change constantly as we move in the world. It is surprising that we can form a mature and robust representation of shapes and objects from very sparse visual stimuli. How do we form such a representation from sensory activations in early vision? What is the difference between early visual representations and symbolic representations of shape? Can we extract volumetric 3D information from sparse visual stimuli? In the Image Understanding Lab, I'm excited to further investigate the fascinating nature of human vision by exploring our facial recognition ability, which have many similarities with object recognition, but also differ in both behavioral and neural aspects that worth in-depth exploration. I am currently working on a project investigating whether people's face discrimination ability is influenced by the effect of rotation-in-depth.


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