Hi! My name is Yinan Su and I am a sophomore undergraduate majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Communication Design. I joined the Image Understanding Lab in Fall 2018 to explore my interests in perception, particularly perceptual and cognitive pleasure in addition to how we process perception stimuli such as faces. Cognitive and perceptual pleasure is fascinating to me because of how it impacts the way we feel, which in turn shapes our decisions and interests. The research behind what results in a pleasurable stimulus is especially significant, with the increasing prevalence of advertising and digital media in our lives. I also look forward to learning more about prosopagnosics, those who lack in the ability to recognize familiar faces. Since humans are social animals, facial recognition is highly important in social relationships and for being able to connect and interact with others, as being able to recognize faces provides a key to a large amount of information about a person. I hope to understand the cognitive processes behind facial perception and how the brain can piece together simple facial features together to formulate an informative representation of a face. By researching in the Image Understanding Lab, I hope to both expand my knowledge and develop valuable skills.

Contact Information

University of Southern California
Image Understanding Lab HNB 316
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Los Angeles, CA 90089-2520
Lab Phone: (213) 740-6102
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Email: yinansu@usc.edu